Breydon Water

WARNING LOW Bridges at Yarmouth

Breydon water is the crossing point between the Southern & Northern rivers of the broads. At the NE end is Yarmouth and the SW end the water splits into the Yare which goes West to Norwich and The Waveney which travels south to Oulton Broad & Lowestoft then West to Beccles.
Breydon can be quite frightening the first time, as it is quite tidal and being open can be quite windy & choppy. There is a clear channel marked by posts which boats must stick to. There has been many examples of inexperienced crews being stranded on the mud banks after straying from the markers, or even worse have mudweighted. The Rangers at Yarmouth will stop anyone leaving to cross Breydon if they think there is not enough light left. Going south from Yarmouth pick just after slack water when the Bridge is low enough and the tide will help you cross Breydon. Going North go with the tide going out aiming to be at Yarmouth for around low tide. The crossing time varies with engine size and tide or wind but allow at least an hour and a half to cross
Breydon Water is said to be haunted by two different sets of ships they appear at varying times between July and September. The first fleet is a fleet of Galleons which head towards Burgh Castle. The second is a battle fought between a pirate ship and two other smaller ships.