Burgh Castle

Roman Fort
Public Moorings
Pub moorings
Post Office

The Fishermans
The Queens Head (in village)
Burgh Castle looks out over Breydon Water with stunning views across the water to the Berney Arms windmill. The castle itself is a Roman fort, known to the Romans as Gariannonvm which was built as a defence against invading Saxon pirates. Burgh Castle is an excellent spot for both birdwatching and fishing and there are miles of scenic footpaths to explore

There are a couple of pubs, with mooring available outside the Fishermans Arms and public moorings past Goodchilds Marine on the public staithe. Extra care should be taken when mooring here as it is very tidal. The second pub The Queens Head can be found in the village. A walk up the lane to the post office then turn left and walk up to the village at the crossroads turn left for the Fort or turn right for the pub.

Burgh Castle is home to several ghost stories including on the 27th April each year the sound of swords clashing and the screams of the Saxon warriors as they are slaughtered occasionally a figure can be seen falling from the castle ramparts.

Old Scarfe, named after the Baron Rudolf Scarfe was a thirteenth century villain who lived near the castle. Old Scarfe haunts the castle grounds and the Yarmouth Road, his single eye glowing red and yellow.