The World Dwile Flonking Championship Sevens
Sponsored by: Winter's Brewery

Dwile Flonking Rules

Played under NBO Rules

2010 The Pippin Flonkers
2011 The Pippin Flonkers (unapposed)
2012 The Jolly Rogers
2013  The Jolly Rogers (unapposed)
2014 The Dog Inn Flonkers
2015 The Pippin Flonkers
2016 ?????

World Championship Sevens
Venue & Date Saturday 6th August, The Dog Inn, Ludham Bridge
TBC 2016
 All teams welcome to enter contact

2010 "The Pippin Flonkers" Coventry
2011 "The Pippin Flonkers" Coventry
2012 "The Jolly Rogers" Nottingham
2013 "The Jolly Rogers" Nottingham
2014 The Dog Inn Flonkers, Ludham Bridge
2015 The Pippin Flonkers, Coventry