Ludham Bridge

Public Mooring
General Store
Rags N Rocks
Public Toilets
Waste Bins
Phone Box
Calor Gas

The Wayfarers

The Dog
5 min walk past toilets
towards Ludham

Businesses in Ludham Bridge

The Dog
Wayfarers Restaurant (Award winner 2011/2012 Best Cafe)

Ludham Bridge Stores (Nominated best local shop 2010/2012. Winners 2011)
Bridge Farm Caravan Site
AJB Angling
KK Crafts
Bridge Cave curios
LB Bike Hire
LB Boatsales
LB Boathouse
Country Cabin Gifts
Linda Matthews Studio & Gallery
Ludham Bridge Boatyard (nominated best boat services 2010, Winners 2011/2012)
Neil Smalley Artist
Reed Fence Panel Company

Upgrade to Moorings 2009


 A Viking raiding party is said to be seen   on the 2nd of April, heading towards the  bridge with the sound of whips cracking  and hunting horns blowing.