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Norwich started out as a small Saxon settlement north of the river Wensum whic in time grew into a town. In those days it was much easier and more economical to transport goods by water than by land and Norwich became known as North Wic, wic being an old name for a port. The actualo name Norwich first appeared on coins minted in the early 10th century. It is thought that Norwich was probably a fortified settlement as it had its own mint and weekily market. As the town grew the settlement spread to the south bank of the river.

In medieval times the main industry was the manufacture of wool and leather working. Norwich had tanners, saddlers and shoemakers along with many goldsmiths and also craftsmen found in any medieval town such as blacksmiths, carpenters, brewers, bakers, potters, tailors and thatchers.

In 1094 the local bishop moved his seat from Thetford to Norwich and in 1096 began building a new cathedral. However the cathedral was not consecrated until 1268. The Normans also built a wooden castle in Norwich which in the early 12th century was rebuilt in stone.

In 1404 Norwich was given a new charter and it gained a mayor. The Guildhall was built in 1407 and in 1463 a spire was added to Norwich Cathedral.

In the late 16th century Dutch weavers came to Norwich fleeing religious persecution in their own lands and brought with them their canaries. The people of Norwich adopted rearing canaries as a hobby and by the 18th century the town became famous for them. Today Norwich football team still carries the nickname of the Canaries.

Today Norwich is a vibrant, yet most complete medieval city in Britain. Norwich still has a delightful jumble of medieval streets, lanes and alleys lined with small speciality shops, many within the Norwich Lanes, and attractive half-timbered houses, most notably the cobbled Elm Hill. The city also has modern precincts and two impressive shopping centres, making it one of the top five places to shop in the UK.

The River Wensum flows through the city and links Norwich with the Norfolk Broads. For 800 years, the River Wensum saw many wherries carrying all kinds of goods to and from Norwich.
Norwich Riverside leisure centre is a new complex of restaurants, bars, cinema and bowling alley.

Mooring is available at the yacht station for an overnight fee and here you will find shower and toilet facilities and fresh water. Close by is a Morrisons supermarket with Calor gas and fuel