Riverside Village with Cafe, General store, Fish & Chip shop

Public Moorings
Electric (by the Lord Nelson)
Public Toilets & waste bins (Rear of The Ship)
Pub Moorings at The Ferry & The Ship

Pettitts Animal Adventure Park
Humpty Dumpty Brewery

The Ferry
The Lord Nelson
The Ship
Reedham is one of the most popular stopping places on the Broads. On the bank of the river Yare, the village is right beside the river with pretty cottages and some shops, there are ample mooring places. A broads Ranger is available to assist you moor up during daylight hours as the tide flows very fast here, and care is needed to moor up.
There are water points and an electric hook up (they do need more for the number of boats that moor here)

If turning your boat then care needs to be taken not to get to close to the railway swing bridge, because of the strong tidal flow. Most of the Staithe can be double moored on but not at the end near the bridge.
Recently revamped the Staithe is a pleasant place to moor with the new wall and grass often being used to sit and watch the day go by.

Over the Staithe you will find the shops and one of the three pubs in the village, The Lord Nelson, good food and drink is available and often live music is on offer.
There is a post office and gift shop, also a take away sandwich bar on the Staithe (their breakfast rolls are superb)
Up the hill is the Fish and Chip shop and grocers shop.
The other 2 pubs are The Ship just by the railway swing bridge and further down the village is the Ferry. At the far end of the Staithe is Sanderson's Marine Boatyard and diesel is available there.

Reedham Swing Bridge has a clearance at average high water of 10' 3" enough for most cruisers except at very high tides. Unless two red flags are flying, the bridge will open for yachts depending on rail traffic.
When the bridge is open look out for coasters. The sugar refinery at Cantley is using Coasters on a trial basis.
The Church, St John the Baptist, was originally on the coast as the sea in days gone by came right up to Reedham. When the land was reclaimed the sea receded and the church and village stood inland.
The Romans built a lighthouse here, and there are fragments of Roman brick and stone built into the walls of St John the Baptist. In 1981 a fire caused by a discarded cigarette from a workman in the tower gutted the church and restoration has taken place to restore it to its former glory.
Near the church is Pettitt's Adventure park, with plenty to amuse the little folk and grown ups. They have Animals and Birds and all sorts of rides including miniature railway, rocky roller coaster ride mine train and many other activities
In September The Yare Navigation Race is held, starting from Coldham Hall and passes Reedham then on to Breydon Water and back again. Reedham is a good place to watch them go by. A lot of skill is required if they have to wait in the strong current for the swing bridge to open
Reedham chain ferry
Drivers, wanting to avoid the busy A47 and the congestion of the Norwich rush hour on their way to Reedham. can use the chain ferry, a short distance upstream from the village to cross the Yare. The ferry takes only 2 cars at a time so there can be a queue at busy times, it is best crossed on a summer evening, as the light begins to fall.
It is like stepping back a century, into the pages of an Arthur Ransome novel.

Be Careful when passing the ferry by boat as the chains are pulled up from the river bed when it is moving. Stop and wait for it to reach the bank either side before passing.
At the village side of the ferry is the Reedham Ferry Inn, situated on the bank of the Yare with mooring spaces for an overnight stop. Good food and beer here also, with provisions for showers etc for boaters.

Every year on the 21st August the ghost of old man bern can be seen being chased through the village by angry mob. The old man finally reaches the river and makes his escape in a boat.