Salhouse Broad

Public Moorings (Stern on)(pay for)
Woodland, Childrens play area
lookout for Black Swans & rare Butterflies.
10 Min walk to  Woodbastwick

Woodfordes Brewery (Woodbastwick)

Fur & Feather (Woodbastwick) 2008 Award winner "Best Broadland Pint"
The Bell (Salhouse)
Salhouse Broad is a lovely place to moor and take a walk on the nearby grassy bank, it is also one of only a few broads to have a "sandy" beach.

It has a Childrens play area, right at the far end, with lovely woodland walks taking you up to higher ground.

The Broad is accessible from the landward side and moorings are also permitted to fee-paying boat visitors. The Broad is privately owned and managed. Salhouse broad covers an area of 32 acres and is home to many forms of wildlife including the Norfolk hawker dragonfly and the swallowtail butterfly. Also Black Swans can be seen on this broad.

It is owned by Henry Cator, but was leased by him to the Broads Authority for 21 years. This lease ended in July 2003, when the management of the area returned to the responsibility of Mr Cator. One of his main aims for the Broad was that the local community should become actively involved in its care and management, and should feel a sense of custodianship of their local environment, which should be passed on to generations to come.
The Broad is looked after by Tobi, the Broad's very own Ranger

There is also a Mooring card scheme now available for regular visiters to the Broad when mooring.