St Benets

Old Priory ruins
Public Moorings
Just downriver from where the River Ant flows into the river Bure can be found St. Benets Abbey.
Founded in the 9th century by Suneman a hermit of the time lt was added to by Wolfric in 1020, In the next 25 yrs it grew into a Benedictine Monastry. It went on to become one of the most influential and richest Monastrys in the country controlling local farming and industry around a vast area of the broads.
The Bishop of Norwich is still to this day the Abbot of St.Benets and holds a service there once a year.
The tower that can be seen today was the drainage mill, added on in the 1700's. The Gatehouse is the only other part that remains of the estimated 35 acres of buildings that once stood.
A short walk up the hill through some of the Abbey grounds will take you to the Memorial cross where the yearly services are held.
Public mooring facilities by the Abbey have been recently improved with better access to the site.
Moorings are basic with no water or electric available but its is worth a stop there.

It is said that the ghost of the betrayer haunts St Benets on the 2nd April each year. The ghost is that of a monk who betrayed his fellow brothers to the Normans and was then hung by the Norman soldiers.

When a dragon's home in Ludham was blocked it is said the dragon flew enraged into the walls of St Benets and then dissappeared.