The Compleat Angler

Moorings opposite bank
Riverside terraces

Pub Guide
Originally called The Toll House and then later The Railway Tavern. It then became The Norfolk Railway House until late 1973 when it closed.
 Reopened as the Compleat Angler on 1st March 1974. it was advertised as an Edwardian style house, following £30,000 restoration. The sign was designed by Mr.Ted Dawson, chief sign artist in Norwich for Anglia Taverns. The image was based on the 1679 etching by Joseph Crawhall of Isaac Walton. In 1984 it became Windsors then in February 1988 reverted to The Compleat Angler
( A further refurbishment was completed in July 2001 at a reported cost of £180,000 ).